I was born in Ukraine but now for more than 15 years I’am living in Cyprus. I liked to create different stuff from childhood. I cut the fabric into pieces and sew them.In school I was chosen because in the art school. But my parents didn’t let me to go because I'm left-handed.

If a day passes without my hobby – the day is lost. I improved my felting skills by myself. Attended several master classes, but I really want to visit more. I accumulate technologies by myself. Very often ideas come to me in the dream, so I wake up and start my felt. Those who have tried will understand me. If you haven’t tried – it certainly worth!

Since I have started felting , the world turned upside down. When I feel good I create when I feel bad – I felt and life is getting better. Stress, troubles, problems dissolves when I work with wool. Wool becomes part of me.

It is difficult to answer the question what I like more in this art. World of the wool has no limits , but the time is limited . With confidence I can say: I am a craftsman.

My first demand is quality. So if I prefer to felt shoes, it must be durable. This is not an easy process, often no one believes that my shoes are handmade. For a long time I was looking for the methods to make comfortable shoes. Now we found a method of strengthening the shoe.

I love to create outerwear. I also felt bags and cloths . I am glad to share my own knowledge and best practices. My main direction is accessories, bags, and most importantly - boots. When I started felting, my goal was to create not just beautiful shoes but resistant to wear as well. For this purpose, I developed my own technique. It is balance of classic shoemaker craftsmanship and felting. With my technique, you will be able to perform all the steps of creating shoe without shoemaker. Moreover, in result we will get orthopedic shoes.